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Global Business Challenge

The sales division of a Fortune 500 company, which manufactures engineering solutions for several industries, faced significant competition in the Energy sector for their customer on-site locations. Aside from external competition at each location, there was also the disparate array of internal product teams using their own corporate brands who would individually vie for a piece of the customer’s business.

The client struggled with how to develop a strategic sales leadership role which could integrate the various product sales teams and position more strategic solutions with customers.

World Class Solution

Learning Strategy

MLGS was retained to conduct the learning strategy and to develop a high-level training design for the Site Team Leaders development program. The MLGS Instructional Design team worked closely with the client’s executive team members from three different functional areas, which was critical to the program’s success.

Collaborative Design and Development

MLGS developed an Executive Sales Leadership course coupled with a robust Sales Simulation by working closely with executives from the client’s Energy Sector and sales support teams,

Instructor Delivery

A pilot program was delivered in Asia and then rolled out globally.


Participants valued the opportunity to practice their skills with their peers. They expressed their prior confusion about the role and shared they now had clarity and understood the value of their new role as a result of the program.

The program was now a comprehensive roadmap for Executive Sales Team Leader development. The client was able to refine their talent development initiatives and build incremental skills over time as the integrated sales teams were being established globally.

The Executive Sales Team Leader was a significant milestone in the overall development of integrated sales teams around the world.  

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