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Business Problem

A well-established early childhood education center expanded to multiple locations across several states and had a goal to expand to over 50 centers in coming years.

To scale to that level a new strategy was required which pivoted from the traditional classroom approach to train new teachers.   A strategy needed to be implemented that could deliver a consistent and efficient onboarding experience to new teaching staff at their assigned age level educational programs and teach policies and procedures. 


Minaya Learning Global Solutions LLC (MLGS) was asked to design the self-paced eLearning curriculum for multiple teaching levels.  The client’s curriculum team, instructional staff and marketing team worked closely with MLGS to ensure content accuracy and brand consistency.

MLGS conducted an extensive audit across all age level assets to identify common content versus age specific content to help identify how best to structure the curricula.  The analysis revealed many common instructional points which allowed for efficiencies to be built into the new overall blended learning design at each age specific level.


A significant advantage in the analysis and redesign was the consolidation of common content to minimize the maintenance of the curricula.  It would now be possible to update common information in one microlearning asset instead of updating over a dozen different PDF documents.


The self-paced elearning solution coupled with a blended learning approach enabled the organization to scale.  And, with the onset of COVID-19, the elearning solution was most welcome and timely.  The content was well received, and new and existing teachers could access the content from their locations.

Self Paced Learning