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Level setting operational management skills in Asia

A global technology service provider required support for a technology firm which had acquired several companies throughout Asia.  There was a need to level set operational management skills and communications skills among the managers and supervisors in Asia.  Prior to engaging with Minaya Learning Global Solutions, there were challenges in effectively determining the developing skills for the new employees in different countries.  More than a dozen courses where identified to be included in a regional curriculum.  The requirements of defining demand, identifying qualified native language speaking instructors, facilitating the scheduling of the instructors were mission critical.


International Project Management and Instructor Delivery Services

MLGS was retained to provide consultative and international project management support on how to resolve the issue of level setting operational management skills.  The Minaya Learning Global Solutions’ Regional Project Manager, who had proven experience in supporting these types of client initiatives, was brought on to help solve for the identified gaps.  Through senior level, culturally sensitive communications with key country stakeholders, the Regional Project Manager conducted a country by country analysis in order to identify needs, performance drivers required to achieve the desired business goals.  Interviews were conducted with key stakeholders, instructors, operational leaders and global stakeholders.   Training content and course materials were tailored to the client’s needs in key countries.  Course sessions where scheduled, instructors were assigned and a course evaluation process was implemented


Over a two year period Minaya Learning Global Solutions project managed the delivery of 12 course areas in five Asian countries.  Over 2000 learners were taught.  Level setting operational management skills and communications skills has proven to be effective in moving the new regional entity forward in what were once separate in-country operations. 

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