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Agile System Implementation

A leading Wireless Company was implementing an enterprise-wide system for which development would be done using the agile methodology. The implementation included training environments that would provide learners with a system in which they could train as if in the live environment. The window to implementation was very short with a multitude of moving parts that were sure to impact project resources and productivity.


Agile Project Management

MLGS provided a proven Project Management resource to the client who mirrored the client’s agile development methodology with an agile training design and development methodology approach. The relationship between the Project Manager and the client was very fluid. MLGS resources were able to meet the on-demand informational needs of the client that was, in turn, leveraged with executive leaders at the client site.

The perception was that the Learning and Development team was on point and had become an important reference point for a comprehensive view of where the project was at any given time.

The MLGS Project Manager established two-week sprint cycles for the work at hand and implemented daily stand ups to ensure project work and resource productivity was on task. As the client’s system development efforts flexed in schedule, so was the Project Manager able to flex the resourcing team and respond to client needs to keep work moving forward.

Telecom Case Study